Sunday, May 16, 2010


The rats and mice always try to find a place where they would be completely safe as well as get sufficient amount of food items. The rats and mice get into the waste bins and garbage to eat the rotten and waste food materials. As a result these rodents carry with them the most harmful diseases. These rodents also get into the house in search of food items and for shelter. Inside the house they get sufficient protection from their fearful predators like the snakes, eagles, hawks etc. The rats and mice get inside the house through the small gaps between the doors, vents, holes and even drains. They use to wander all round the house in search of food items. Once they get in they create a lot of damages inside the house. The rats and mice use to destroy the furniture, upholstery and even the home appliances.

Thus it is very important to get rid of mice with the help of house mice repellents. There are different products available in the market to keep rats out of your house but most of these products are made from the toxic chemicals and pesticides. These toxic products require high degree of safety precaution and if accidentally used could lead to fatal accidents. So in order to clear rats and to keep rats out of your house it is always better to use the house mice repellents which are completely eco-friendly. There exist natural rat repellents which can simply clear rats from the house without causing any harm to them. The natural liquid mice repellent are completely made from the natural constituents like the peppermint oil. This natural constituent simply creates the smell of cats and makes the rats feel as if the cats are around them. Thus these liquid rat repellents repel away the rats and clear rats from the house in a cleaner and effective manner.

There are also electronic repellents for rats which also help to get rid of mice from the house without making any sort of pollution in the house. These repellents emit high frequency sound which is of the order of twenty thousand hertz and cause distress in the ears of the rats. Thus the rats immediately flee away from the house. These eco friendly repellents for rats also help to stop mice problems as well as stop mice population in the house.

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