Saturday, April 17, 2010


There are different types of rat repellents available to clear rats from the house but most of the rat repellents make use of the toxic chemicals and pesticides to clear rats from the house as well as to stop mice population inside the house. The rats are mostly found inside the house as they get sufficient amount of food as well as shelter to some extent from the house. The rats and mice get inside the house after getting into the waste bins and garbage so they carry with them harmful bacteria and diseases. It is very essential to keep rats out of your house because they use to create destruction as well as develop different types of diseases in humans and pet animals inside the house. In order to keep rats out of your house it is always better to use the eco friendly rat repellents which do not cause any sort of harm to the rats and even the humans inside the house.
The eco-friendly rat repellents are very safe to use as it does not contain any sort of toxic chemical which could pollute the atmosphere or cause any fatal accidents. These rat repellents are very compact in size and can be easily placed in corners of the house without worrying about being accidentally used by the kids or pet animals. One of the eco-friendly mice repellent like the liquid mice repellent simply get rid of rats by emitting the smell of the cat’s body but this smell cannot be smelled by humans. There are also eco-friendly electronic mouse repellers which emit high frequency sound to get rid of rats. These types of mouse repellers are available in different compact and handy models and in models which emit different frequencies of sound. The electronic mouse repellents are also available in models which can be used for outdoor use as well as indoor use. Both these types of mouse repellents do not require any sort of safety precautions. These are the advantages of eco-friendly repellents for rats and mice.

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