Monday, March 22, 2010


The rats and mice mainly like to live in and around the places where they would be able to get all their necessities. These rodents live in these places as they get all the food items and even shelter. They try to get in to the house through each and every opening of the house. The rats and mice use all the holes, vents and outlets to get inside the house. These rodents even do not leave the tall pipe lines to get into the house. Once they get inside the house, they wander all around the house in search of food items. The rats and mice get inside the kitchen and store rooms and tear off the bags and sacks to eat the cereals and grains. In the kitchen the rats and mice litter and urinate around the corners of the kitchen and develop harmful diseases in the house. Besides these the rats and mice also use to destroy the furniture, upholsteries, clothes, electrical and electronic appliances.

In order to prevent these problems the rats must be removed from the houses. So in order to clear rats and mice from the house, there are few simple and effective ways. It involves the use of eco-friendly rat repellents which are completely free from toxic and poisonous chemicals. The eco-friendly type of rodent repellent simply repels the rats and mice. These rodent control rat repellents are made from natural organic herbs which emit the smell of cat’s body to clear rats from the house. There also exist rodent control electronic repellents for rats which emit high frequency sound to keep rats out your house. This type of rodent repellent creates distress in the ears of the rats to keep rats out of your house. These types of repellents do not catch mice as compared to the rat traps. The rat traps catch mice and harm the rats which lead to create different types of pollution. Thus the use of eco-friendly rat repellents is one of the best methods to remove rats from the house.

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