Tuesday, March 9, 2010


All of us know that the rats and mice are of the greatest troubles in the house and in order to get rid of rats and mice from the house there are poisonous rat killing pesticides. There are also rodent control products like rat traps. But these rodent control products tend to create pollution inside the house and surroundings. The rats poisoned by the pesticides usually die in places which are out of direct contact from humans. If the corpse of the killed rats is not noticed earlier, it could produce fowl smell and pollute the surrounding. Similarly the rats killed by rat traps should also be disposed earlier to prevent pollution. Besides these, these rodent control products require high degree of safety precautions as if these products are accidentally consumed or used by the kids and pet animals it cam prove to be fatal. Due to these matters after several tests, pollution free rat repellents have been manufactured which his also the best way to get rid of mouse.

The pollution free rat repellents are simply the liquid repellents for rats which come in spray bottles. Since this repellent comes in spray bottles, it can be placed and sprayed in any corners of the house. This repellent is made from natural organic herbs and is completely free from poisonous and toxic chemicals. It is totally safe methods to get rid of rats and keep the rats out of your house. It serves as two purpose use. One is it emits the smell of mint flavour and produces a pleasant atmosphere inside the house and the second one is that it create the smell of cat’s body to keep rats out of your house. Since cats are one of the most fearful predators of the rats and mice, these liquid mice repellents clear rats without producing pollution in the house. These liquid mice repellent clear rats from the house without crating any sort of side effects to the humans, plants and even the pet animals. These mice repellent also help to stop mice breeding and stop mice population to a considerable extent in the house. Thus the use of these mice repellent is the best way to get rid of mouse from the house.

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