Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The rats and mice are mostly found inside the house and its surroundings. These rodents mostly exist in these places as they get sufficient amount of food items and shelter in these places. Once they get inside the house they create a lot of troubles by destroying the expensive home appliances and furniture. These rodents also develop harmful diseases by littering and urinating around the corners of the house and even in the food items and utensils. Sometimes the rats and mice also use to breed in the store rooms of the house and increase their population. In order to prevent these problems there are toxic pesticides and rodent control rat traps available in the market but these rodent control products require high degree of safety precautions. Thus in order to get rid of rats and keep rats out of your house modern types of mice repellents has been discovered. These mice repellents make use of natural constituents to get rid of rats and keep rats out of your house and have proved to be best way to get rid of mouse.

Thus this type of non toxic mice repellents used to clear rats is available as liquid repellents which usually come in spray bottles. These repellents are made from the natural organic herbs and do not contain any sort of toxic chemicals. These liquid repellents simply clear rats without causing any sort of pollution in the house and its surroundings. For getting rid of mice from house it emits the smell of cat’s body which cannot be smelled by humans. Since cats are one of the fearful predators of the rats and mice, these rodents flee from the house as soon as they get the smell of the cats. Besides getting rid of mice these repellents also produce a fresh fragrance in the rooms with the smell of mint flavour. This type of non toxic rodent repellent is specifically manufactured for referring the rats and mice for interior uses. This non toxic rodent repellent is the best way to get rid of mouse from the house in a cleaner and effective manner.

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