Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The rats and mice can be kept away from the house with the help of toxic and poisonous pesticides as well as rodent control rat traps. But these rodent control products and the toxic pesticides are very dangerous and require high degree of safety precautions. The rodent control rat traps consist of heavily loaded spring rods which can also cause harm to the kids and wild animals if it comes accidentally in contact with them. Besides these, these products tend to make pollution if the corpse of the rats and mice are not noticed out earlier and disposed off carefully to far off places. Since the rats and mice mostly like to live inside the house it is very essential to keep rats out of your house, the use of these rodent control products cannot be effective while also caring about the kids and pet animals in the house. So in order to prevent the above stated drawbacks, it is essential to use the natural mice repellent which is the best way to get rid of mice.

The natural mice repellents are made from the natural organic herbs and do not contain any sort of toxic and poisonous chemicals. These mice repellents are simply the rodent repellents which are the liquid solutions. This type of rodent repellent mainly comes in spray bottles so that it can be sprayed into deep corners of the house. This type of rodent repellent products clear rats from the house by emitting the smell of cats body which is one of the ferocious predators of the rats and mice. When the rats inhale this smell they feel as of the cats are around them and they flee from that are. These repellents not only clear rats but also create a fresh fragrance in the house with smell of mint flavour. With this type of repellent getting rid of mice is a simple job as it does not require any sort of safety precautions. It also does not create any pollution in the house. Besides getting rid of mice, these natural mice repellents also help to stop mice breeding and stop mice population to a considerable level. Thus this is the best way to get rid of mice from the house.

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