Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The rats and mice tend to be one of the rodents which create a lot of problems inside the house, go-downs as well as in the farm lands. These rodents are always in search of food items so they get into the house and other places where they can sufficient amount of food items. The rats and mice also get into the dust bins and garbage to pick up the waste food items. So the rats and mice are very dirty kind of rodents and also carry harmful germ and diseases with them. These rodents always try to get inside the house and store rooms and litter and urinate around the food items which if accidentally taken in could lead to harmful diseases and might not be easily cured. Besides these the rats and mice also create a lot of destructions in the house by destroying the expensive furniture, upholsteries, clothing and even the electronic appliances. So it is required to keep rats out of your house.

Thus it is very essential to get rid of rats and mice from the house but to clear rats and to get rid of rats there are different types of products available in the market. Most of these products are the harmful pesticides and rat traps which can cause different types of pollution. But it always better to use the natural rat repellents as compared to harmful rodent control products. The natural rat repellents are made from the natural organic constituent like pepper mint oil which does not create any sort of pollution to clear rats. These repellents are also one of the rodent control products for getting rid of mice. One of the natural rodent control rat repellents is a liquid solution which comes in spray bottles for getting rid of mice so that it can be sprayed into deep corners of the rooms of the house. It simply clear rats by emitting the smell of cats which cannot be smelled by humans and is rat’s most fearful predators. By inhaling this smell the rats feel as if the cats are around them and flee from the area as soon as possible. On the other hand it also creates a pleasant atmosphere with the fragrance of mint. So with the help of this natural rat repellent, it is very easy to keep rats out of your house. These natural mint rat repellents also help to stop mice breeding and stop mice population inside the houses and apartments.

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