Friday, February 5, 2010


The rats and mice are mostly found in places where they are able to find all the essential food items and shelter. The rats and mice get all these features inside the house so they always try to get inside the house. The rats and mice get into the house through the small holes and vents of the house. Even the small gaps are sufficient enough for the rats and mice to access into the house. The rats are also capable of climbing up the tall pipes. So there is no restriction for the rats and mice to access into the house. The rats and mice also develop certain problems which can cause different types of harmful diseases. These rodents use to litter and urinate around the corners of the house which creates infestation inside the house. So it is very essential to clear rats from the house and also to adopt steps to keep rats out of your house.

It is not an easy work to clear rats from the house. There are different products and methods to get rid of rats and keep rats out of your house but most of these items contain poisonous and toxic chemical and spring loaded rods which require very severe safety precautions. There are natural rat repellents available in the market which do not cause any sort of harm to rats. Though the rat repellents get rid of rats from the house, then also the wander outside the house and create other problems. So it is required to stop mice breeding and stop mice population. For this purpose, it is essential to kill rats and mice and even without creating pollution. There are safe mice traps like the electronic mice traps and the live catching mice traps. The electronic mice traps kill the rats by electrocuting it and the LED indicator blinks till the killed rat is being disposed off. This electronic mice trap is totally safe for the environment where children and pet animals exist. The live catching mice traps trap the rats and mice without killing them and the caught rats can be disposed to far off places.

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