Thursday, February 4, 2010


The rats and mice are the rodents which are mostly found inside the houses, shops, apartments, go-downs and even in farm lands. They get into these places as they get all types of food and shelter here. They can easily get inside these places through the small gaps and holes between the walls and even between the gaps between the doors. They also easily climb up the pipe lines of the houses. Once they get into these places they use to litter all the food materials and other products inside the house. The rats and mice use to chew and gnaw of the furniture and upholstery. They also destroy the electrical and electronic appliances by wearing off the wires and cables. They also use to get into the cupboards and destroy all the expensive clothes and fabrics. They get into the kitchen and litter and urinate around the food items and cooking utensils. This behaviour of the rats and mice lead to infestation and develop different types of harmful diseases.

In order to clear rats and keep rats out of your house, it is necessary to use the safe rodent repellents instead of toxic rat repellents and rodent control traps. It is because the rodent control traps and toxic rat repellents could cause pollution with the corpse of the killed rat. The safe rodent repellents are those types of rat repellents which do not contain any sort of toxic and poisonous elements and are made from the best quality of natural organic herbs. These types of repellents simply emit the smell of cat’s body which cannot be smelled by humans and simply get rid of rats. This natural rat repellent get rid of rats without causing any sort of harm to rats and mice. There are also electronic rat repellents which are also totally safe for the rats and even humans. These electronic repellents for rats emit high frequency sound which causes distress in ears of the rats to clear rats from the house. These types of repellents for rats are totally safe to keep rats out of your house.

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