Thursday, February 18, 2010


The rats and mice are available in different species varying from small size to big size. These rodents mainly prefer to live in places where they would get plenty of food items as well as shelter. They use to wander in search of food items and shelter and they mostly decide to get inside the house because it is this place where they get most of their necessities. They use the small gaps between the doors and floors, vents, holes and outlets to get inside the house. They sometimes climb up the tall pipe lines to get inside the house. They get inside the house and make many problems. These rodents use destroy the furniture and upholstery by gnawing and chewing the wooden parts. The rats and mice also tear the expensive shoes and clothes items by tearing them off. These rodents also make the electrical and electronic appliances totally idle by tearing and wearing off the cables and wires. Besides these the rats and mice also develop harmful diseases by infesting on the cooking utensils and the food items. So it is very much essential to get rid of rats and keep rats out of your house.

Since to catch mice and rats is not a simple work, the rats use to increase their population once after they get into the house. So it is also essential to stop mice breeding as well as stop mice population inside the house. In order to catch mice different types of rodent control products are available but most of these rodent control products are very delicate and require high safety precautions. So there are eco-friendly rat repellents which help to repel the rats and mice without causing any sort of pollution. There exist liquid rodent control rat repellents which do not contain any sort of toxic chemical. These liquid rat repellents are made from natural organic herbs which emit the smell of mint flavour and produce a pleasant fragrance. This type of repellent comes in spray bottles which allow it to spray it into deep corners of house. This liquid rat repellent also emits the smell of cat’s body which is rats’ fearful predators and this smell cannot be smelled by humans. Thus liquid repellents for rats simply get rid of rats and keep rats out of your house without making any pollution in the surrounding of the house.

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