Sunday, February 14, 2010

The rats and mice have been the most problem creating rodents inside the rodents in the homes and apartments. These rodents can easily get into any corners of the house. They use the small gaps between the doors and floor, vents, holes and outlets of the house to get inside the house. They even use the tall pipe lines to access into the house. Since these rodents can easily get inside the house, it is not a easy job to keep the rats and mice away from the house. They get inside the house and destroy the expensive furniture and upholstery. They also destroy the leather products by gnawing and chewing. They tear off the sacks and bags filled with grains and cereals. They also get inside the kitchen and create infestation by littering and urinating around the food items and the cooking utensils. Thus they develop different types of harmful diseases. So it is essential to drive the rats and mice away from the house. It is also a necessity to stop mice breeding and stop mice population in the house.

In order to clear rats and get rid of rats and mice from the house, there are different types of rodent control products. Most of the rodent control products use the toxic and poisonous chemicals to clear rats from the house but it is always necessary to use the eco-friendly elements to get rid of rats and mice. The eco-friendly mice repellents are available in different variants which simply keep rats out of your house. One of the eco-friendly mice repellents which can be used effectively for home use is the liquid mice repellent. The liquid mice repellent comes in spray bottles which can be sprayed into deep corners of the house are completely free from the toxic chemicals. This type of mice repellent emits the smell of cat’s body to repel the rats and mice from the house. There also exist electronic mice repellent which emit high frequency sound and cause distress in the ears of the rats and simply keep rats out of your house. Thus these eco-friendly mice repellents effectively clear rats from the house and also help in preventing the diseases caused by rats and mice.

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