Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The rats and mice are mostly found around the premises of the houses and the house itself. They can easily get inside the house through the small vents and gaps between the wall and the gap between the doors and floor. They can also easily climb up the tall pipe lines. So there is no restriction to prevent the rats and mice from getting inside the house. When they get inside the house, they use to make different problems. The rats and mice use to tear off the shoes and other leather items. These rodents also get inside the cup-boards and tear off the expensive clothes and fabrics. They even destroy the expensive electrical and electronic appliances by tearing off the wires and cables of these appliances. They also use to litter and urinate around the corners of the house and leads to infestation. So it is required to clear rats from the house at the earliest. Thus to keep rats out of your house the latest rat repellents are very useful.

The latest rat repellents do not contain any toxic elements and one of the repellents is the liquid rat repellents. It is made from the natural organic herbs. These repellents usually come in spray bottles so that it can be sprayed into deep corners of the rooms of the house. These repellents clear rats by emitting the smell of cat’s body which is one of the predators of the rats. As the rats get this smell, they feel as if the cats are around them and they flee from the area as soon as possible. Thus these rat repellents can keep rats out of your house for many days. There are also the electronic repellents for rats. These repellents emit high frequency sound which is about twenty thousand hertz. This sound cannot be heard by the humans so it is totally safe for humans. These electronic rat repellents get rid of rats by causing distress in the ears of the rats and mice. Thus these repellents get rid of rats without causing any pollution. There are also the solar repellents for getting rid of mice present in the surroundings of the house. These repellents also emit high frequency sound for getting rid of mice.

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