Thursday, February 11, 2010


The rats and mice are more often found inside the house wandering out. They can easily get inside the house through the small gaps between the floor and the doors. They can easily get inside through the small holes and vents provided in the house. They can also easily climb up the tall buildings and apartments to enter into the house. They decide to live inside the house as they get sufficient amount of food items from these places. They also get shelter from the strong heat and cold weather outside. They also get protection from their predators like the eagles, hawks, owls, snakes etc. Besides these they make destructions inside the house. They use to tear off the sacks and bags filled with cereals and grains. They also destroy the furniture and upholstery. They destroy the electrical and electronic appliances by gnawing the cables and wires. They create different types of diseases by infesting on the cooking utensils and the food items. They also use to litter and urinate around the corners of the house.

In order to get rid of rats and mice from the house, there are special mice repellents. These mice repellents are completely eco-friendly and also help to keep rats out of your house. These repellents are made from the natural organic herbs and do not contain any sort of toxic and harmful chemical which could create pollution in the house and surroundings. There are liquid repellents which come in spray bottles which help to spray into deep corners of the rooms of the house. It produces the smell of cat’s body which is one of the fearful predators of the rats. Thus with this smell these repellents get rid of rats from the house. There are also eco-friendly repellents which clear rats by emitting high frequency sound which is beyond human hearing ability. Thus it clear rats by creating distress in the ears of the rats. Thus these eco-friendly repellents foe mice help to keep rats out of your house without creating pollution. These repellents also help to stop mice breeding and stop mice population which try to breed inside the house.

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