Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The rats and mice are the rodents which can easily get into the house cannot be simply prevented from getting inside the house. These rodents use the small outlets, holes, gaps between the floor and doors, vent to get inside the house. They also use the tall pipe lines to climb up and get in to the house. They get inside the house in search of food and shelter. They get sufficient shelter from their fearful predators and the severe hot and cold climate outside. They get sufficient amount of food and water by wandering all around the house. Beside these the rats and mice destroy the costly furniture and upholsteries. They also gnaw and tear the leather shoes, fibres and clothes. They even do not leave the electrical and electronic appliances. These rodents simply destroy these home appliances by gnawing off the cables and wires. Due to these reasons it is necessary to clear rats as well as to get rid of rats from the house.

In order to clear rats and get rid of rats from the house, there are few eco-friendly products available in the market. It is always necessary to adopt the use of eco-friendly rat repellents because these repellents for rats do not cause any sort of pollution. There are liquid rat repellents which are made from the natural organic herbs that are completely harmless for the rats as well as the humans, pet animals and even the plants. It emits the smell of cat’s body to keep rats out of your house. The smell of the cat’s body cannot be inhaled by the humans. There are also the electronic repellents for mice which also help to keep rats out of your house. This type of repellent emits high frequency sound which is about twenty thousand hertz which cannot be heard by the humans. This high frequency sound causes distress in the ears of the rats. With these effective and efficient repellents the rats can be prevented from getting into the house once they are being repelled. These repellents also help to stop mice breeding as well as stop mice population inside the house to a considerable extent.

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