Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The rats and mice use to live inside the house and apartments as they find these places more secure. The rats and mice do not restrictions to get inside the house. Though humans design the house to prevent the entry of rodents into the house, the rats and mice use the small gaps between the doors and floors, vents and outlets. These rodents even climb up the tall pipe lines to get inside the house. Once they get inside they make a lot of problems. They use to gnaw the furniture and other upholsteries inside the house. The rats and mice also destroy the electrical and electronic appliances by gnawing and chewing the cables and wires. These rodents also get inside the cup-boards and tear off the valuable and expensive clothes and fabrics. They wander all round the house and also breed inside the house to increase their population. So it is very essential to repel the rats and mice from the house in an easier and eco-friendly manner.

In order to clear rats the eco-friendly rodent repellents must be used because these eco-friendly rodent repellents are completely free from the toxic and poisonous chemicals. These types of eco-friendly rodent repellents are very easy to use and do not require any sort of safety precautions. There exist liquid rodent repellents which are made from the natural organic herbs which simply clear rats from the house. These repellents produce the smell of cat’s body to get rid of rats from the house. Since the cats are the ferocious predators of rats, the liquid repellents for rats get rid of rats without causing any pollution. There are also electronic rat repellents which are also completely eco-friendly and keep rats out of your house without causing pollution. In order to keep rats out of your house, the electronic rat repellents emit high frequency sound which cause distress in the ears of the rats and mice and cause them to leave the surroundings of the house immediately. All these rodent repellents help to keep rats out of your house effectively.

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