Monday, January 25, 2010


The rats and mice are the disease creating rodents in the house as well as in our surroundings. The rats and mice like to live in the house and its surroundings as they get all sorts of food, water and shelter from these places. The rats get shelter from their fearful predators like the owls, eagles, snakes and to some extent from cats and dogs. These rodents also get shelter inside the houses and apartments during the severe winter season. The rats and mice litter and urinate around the houses and surroundings and create infestations. They also litter and urinate around the cooking utensils and food items and if these items are accidentally used by humans it could develop harmful diseases. Besides these the rats and mice also get into the store rooms and tear off the bags and sacks filled with cereals and grains. They leave behind their fur and urine on these cereals. If these cereals are not properly cleaned or accidentally taken in, it could develop harmful diseases.

In order to clear rats and keep rats out of your house different types of rat traps and pesticides are available. But these rat traps and pesticides leave behind the corpse of the rats and mice which if not noticed earlier could lead to infestation. So in order to clear rats, keep rats out of your house and to prevent the infestations created by rats, firstly the surroundings of the house should be kept clean and tidy. This would prevent rats from attracted towards the house. The use of natural rat repellents is also useful to keep away the rats from the house and surroundings. These rat repellents create the smell of rat’s predators and stop mice from getting into the houses. The natural rat repellents not only clear rats from the houses but also stop mice breeding and stop mice population inside the houses and surroundings. For getting rid of mice from the houses and surroundings, there are also electronic rat repellents. These repellents also do not cause any sort of harm to these rodents and simply help in getting rid of mice from houses and surroundings.

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