Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The rats and mice are few of the most disturbing creatures that exist in the houses and surroundings. These rodents mostly like to live inside the houses and around apartments. They usually select these places as they get all their basic needs from this place. With the help of small vents and holes of the house, the rats and mice get inside the house. Once they get inside the house, they make the maximum destructions. The rats and mice get into the store rooms of the house and destroy the cereals and grains kept safely inside the sacks and bags. They destroy the electrical and electronic equipments by tearing off the wires and cables and wires. They easily get into the kitchen and litter and urinate around the cooking utensils and food items. If these utensils are not washed properly and food items are accidentally taken in accidentally would lead to harmful diseases. These rodents can also wear and tear the valuable clothes by getting into the wardrobes. They also destroy the expensive leather items. So it is very essential to clear rats and mice from the house and stop mice breeding and stop mice population.

In order to clear rats and mice from the houses, mainly the eco-friendly rat repellents must be mainly used. These rat repellents can simply clear rats from the houses without causing any kind of pollution. The eco-friendly rat repellents are more effective and harmless as compared to rodent control equipments. These natural repellents also do not require safety precautions as compared to the rodent control equipments. It is also essential to keep the house and surroundings clean from waste and rubbish in order to keep rats out of your house. All sorts of food wastes and rotten food items must be disposed in to the dustbins and thoroughly burnt to keep rats out of your house. The cereals and grains must be stored in air tight containers instead of sacks and bags. This would attract less number of rats and also help to stop mice breeding and stop mice population inside houses and surroundings.

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