Thursday, January 21, 2010


The rats and mice are the rodents which mainly live in house and farm lands. Once these rodents get into these places, they destroy each and every item around them. In farm lands, the rats and mice get deep in to the ground and destroy the roots of the crops and plants. The rats and mice also destroy the yields of the crops and plants in the farm land and even in the gardens. If the rats feel that the food and water which they get in these places is sufficient enough these decide to live in these places. They also begin to breed in these places and increase their population. Once they get into these places these rodents they litter and urinate around the surroundings and develop different types of harmful diseases. So it is very essential to get rid of mice not only from the interior of the house but also from the outdoors.

For getting rid of mice and rats from the outdoors effective mouse repeller must be used. The best way to get rid of mouse from the outdoors is to adopt the use of solar mouse repeller. The solar mouse reppeler use the solar energy to perform its operation. This type of mouse repeller consists of solar panels which absorb the solar energy and provide power to charge the rechargeable batteries installed in it. The rechargeable batteries help to operate the mouse repeller twenty fours hours round the clock for getting rid of mice. This mouse repeller emits high frequency sound to get rid of mice from the farm land and outdoors. By simply installing this solar mouse repeller in the ground, it is very easy for getting rid of mice. The high frequency sound causes distress in the ears of the rats and simply drive them away and clear rats from the farm lands. In order to clear rats effectively in vast lands these repellers must be installed at a distance of thirty meters apart. These repellers emit sound for five to eight seconds only in order to prevent the rats from getiing customised to the sound. This mouse repellent is available in different models and is available at affordable prices in the market. Thus the use of solar mouse repellent is one of the best way to get rid of mouse from the outdoors and even farm lands.

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