Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The rats and mice mainly try to live in the houses, offices, apartments and farm lands as they get all their sufficient food shelter. These rodents get their food by getting into the kitchen and store rooms of the house. They can easily get tear off the sacks and bags filled with grains and cereals. Apart from these the rats and mice also destroy the wires and cables of the electrical and electronic equipments and make these equipments totally useless. The rats and mice also get deep into the ground and destroy the roots and yields of the plants and crops. Thus the rats and mice create a lot of disturbance, problems and even great losses to farmers. So it is very much essential to get rid of mice from the houses and surroundings. But in order to get rid of rats and mice as well as to keep these rodents away from the houses, it is very much essential to keep the environment of our surroundings clean.
Here we are going to discuss some of the simple tips which can be useful to get rid of mice. It should be noted that the food wastes must be totally burnt after being disposed in the dust bins. The pet animals in the house should be provided with minimum amount of food. If the food becomes excess, it should be given to the poultry. The fish and meat wastes must also be completely burnt. These precautions are to be made in order to prevent the rats and mice from attracted towards the waste food items. These tips can be also be useful to stop mice breeding and stop mice population to a considerable extent. There are also eco-friendly mouse repellents available in the market which can be used to get rid of mice from the surroundings. These mouse repellents produce the smell of cat’s body and make these rodent flee from the area as soon as possible. There are also eco-friendly electronic mouse repellents which emit high frequency sound to get rid of mice. These types of eco-friendly mouse repellents are also very much effective.

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