Monday, January 4, 2010


The rats and mice mainly like to live in areas where there are plenty of food items and where they feel as if they are safe and secure. The rats can get into each and every corner of the rooms in the houses and can create a lot of ruins and problems in the houses as well as surroundings. The rats and mice can also develop many harmful diseases by littering and urinating around the rooms of the kitchens. So it is very much essential to adopt rodent control methods. There are different rodent control methods but these methods can be risky and require a great amount of safety precautions. Most of these methods involve the use of dangerous metal equipments which need to be kept far away from the reach of children as well as pet animals. But to trap rats, the rodent control rat traps must be installed in live rooms and open places where the rats and mice frequently visit. But sometimes it becomes ineffective to trap the rats and mice with the help of rodent control mouse traps. There are also rodent control pesticides which are placed in bait stations to attract and kill the rats which are used to stop mice breeding as well as stop mice population but have many risk factors.

Thus in order to trap and kill the rats effectively, it is very much necessary to notice the movements made by rats as well as to track them in order to improve the effectiveness of rat traps as well as rodent control pesticides. In order to make the use of above stated rodent control effective, the use of luminous tracking powder is very much essential. The luminous tracking powder must be dropped in places where there is maximum problems created by rats. This powder helps to produce foot prints and tail marks on he ground and floor which can be easily noticed by looking on to the ground with the help of ultraviolet fluorescent torch light which comes along with the luminous tracking powder. Thus by observing the last foot marks, one can easily place the mouse traps and pesticides nearer to the nest or burrows of rats. Thus this powder is beneficial for the rat traps to stop mice breeding as well as stop mice population.

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