Thursday, January 14, 2010


The rats and mice are the small types of rodents which can prove to be harmful by developing different types of diseases. These rodents can destroy each and every favourite and basic equipments and necessities in the house. They can cause destructions not only in house but also in the farm lands. In farm lands they can destroy the plants and crops by eating the roots and yields. If the rats are not driven away from the farm lands, they can cause a lot of loss to the farmers. The rats and mice get into the house through the small vents and outlets. After getting in to the house, they create a lot of damages. These rodents tear and wear off the sacks and bags in the store rooms which are filled with cereals and grains. The rats and mice can destroy the electrical and electronic appliances by wearing off the cables and wires of the electrical and electronic appliances. They also destroy the expensive clothes, furniture and other upholstery. So it is essential to keep rats out of your house and surroundings.
In order to help get rid of mice and rats from the house, it is essential to use the mouse repellents. There are various types of mouse repellents available in the market but here we are going to discuss about the plug-in mouse repellents. The plug-in mouse repellents are mainly the electronic repellents for mice and rats. The plug-in repellents are available in different models. These types of mouse repellents are mainly designed for internal use. These repellents can be easily installed in any of the three pin electrical sockets. The plug-in mouse repellents consume the least amount of electricity. These types of repellents get rid of mice and rats from the house by emitting high frequency sound. The frequency of sound is about twenty thousand hertz and causes distress in the ears of the rats and mice. This frequency of sound is inaudible to the human ears. This mice repellent is one of the eco-friendly products which does not contain any sort of toxic and poisonous elements. This type of mice repellent also does not emit any toxic gas or elements and is very effective to keep rats out of your house.

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