Thursday, January 14, 2010


Though rats and mice are cute and small rodents they are totally disease-creating and problem making rodents. The rats and mice can easily get into the houses and farmlands. These rodents mainly prefer to live in the houses and farm lands as they get all their basic requirements from these places. They can easily get in to the houses through small holes and outlets. After getting into the house, these rodents get into each and every room of the house. These rodents tear off the wires and cables of the electrical and electronic appliances and make them totally idle. The rats and mice also destroy the valuable clothes and fibre materials. These rodents also wear off the expensive shoes, bags and other leather items. The valuable books and texts kept in cupboards can also be destroyed by the rats and mice. The rats and mice also destroy the crops and yields present in the garden and farmlands. So it is very much essential to keep rats out of your house and farmlands.
So in order to keep the rats out of your house the organic mouse repellents must be used in order of poisonous pesticides and harmful rat traps. These types of mouse repellents are totally safe from poisonous and toxic chemicals. These organic repellents for mice also do not emit any sort of toxic compounds. These repellents are made from the natural organic herbs. The organic mouse repellents have the smell of mint which helps to make a pleasant atmosphere when sprayed around the rooms of the houses. Apart from this the organic repellents for mice has the smell of cat’s body. Since cat is one of the most fearful predators of the rats and mice, these rodents leave the place as soon as possible fearing that the cats are around them. Thus the organic mouse repellents help to keep rats out of your house without causing any sort of harm.

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