Monday, January 18, 2010


The rats and mice are those types of rodents which create a lot of problems in the house and surroundings. These are few of the dirty rodents which can also create harmful diseases. The rats and mice mostly like to live in houses, buildings, apartments. These rodents get into the houses through the small holes and vents. Once they get inside the houses, they destroy each and every product present in the house. The rats and mice get in to the store rooms of the house and destroy the sacks and bags filled with grains and cereals. They also make the electrical and electronic appliances totally idle by wearing out the wires and cables of these home appliances. These rodents simply tear off the expensive clothes by getting in to the cup-boards. The rats and mice can also destroy the shoes and other leather items by tearing certain portion of these leather products. So in order to prevent the diseases and problems created by rats, it is very essential to clear rats and to get rid of mice from the house and surroundings.
So in order to clear rats and to get rid of mice certain types of rat repellents are available but it is better to adopt the natural way to get rid of mice and keep rats out of your house. In order to adopt the natural way to keep rats out of your house, natural rat repellents are available in the market. These natural rat repellents are made from the natural organic herbs and are free from the toxic and poisonous chemicals. This type of rodent repellent creates the smell of cat’s body which is one of the most fearful predators of the rats and mice. As soon as the rats inhale this smell, they feel as if the cats are around them and they flee from the area. These rodent repellents also produce the smell of mint which produces a pleasant atmosphere when sprayed around the rooms. Thus these rodent repellents help to clear rats and keep rats out of your house.

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