Friday, January 29, 2010


The rats and mice have been the most destructing rodents which get into the houses and apartments through the small vents and holes. These rodents get into the house and create a lot of problems leading to infestation. The infestation produced by the rats and mice then leads to create harmful diseases. Besides developing diseases, the rats and mice also make destruction by gnawing off the furniture and upholstery. These rodents get into each corners of the house and do not forget to destroy even the minute elements present in the house. The rats and mice get in the cup-boards and tear off the favourite and valuable clothes and fabrics. They also tear off the leather products and shoes. They also do not leave the electrical and electronic appliances. These rodents tear off the wires and cables of these home appliances and make these products totally idle. In order to clear rats and keep rats away from the house, there are different types of mice repellents and rodent control rat traps available in the market. But most of these rodent control rat traps and mice repellents use the toxic and poisonous chemicals to clear rats and keep rats out of your house.

But with development in science and technology modern types of mice repellents and rodent control rat traps have been discovered which are totally free from the toxic chemicals. There are eco-friendly natural liquid mice repellents which are available in spray bottles. This type of rat repellent is made from natural organic compounds and helps in creating a pleasant fragrance in the house with the smell of mint flavour. On the other hand it also develops the smell of the cat’s body which is one of the fearful predators of the rats and mice. As soon as the mice smell this smell they immediately flee from the area. There are also electronic repellents for mice which are also free from the toxic elements and develop high frequency sound which causes distress in the ears of the rats and simply keep rats out of your house. These natural repellents for mice are also useful to stop mice breeding as well as stop mice population in the house.

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