Thursday, January 28, 2010


The rats and mice are not only problem creating rodents inside the houses. These rodents are also of great problem outside the house and farm lands. In the farm lands the rats and mice get deep into the ground and destroy the roots of the plants and crops. These rodents destroy the yields from the plants and crops and create a lot of loss to farmers. There are different types of eco-friendly rat repellents sprays and sound repellents available in the market but these rat repellents work well inside the house only. Since in farm lands, the supply of electricity is absent to some extent in order to attach the sound repellents to plug-in sockets. There are also rodent control rat traps available but these rodent control products prove to create air pollution if the corpse of the rats is not noticed earlier. So these rodent control rat traps require regular intervention. But with advance in science and technology modern sound repellents for rats have been discovered for getting rid of mice from the farm lands.

The modern sound repellents for rats are basically the solar rat repellents which also emit high frequency sound like the other sound repellents for rats which are used inside the house. These solar rat repellents do not work on electricity, just as the name, it works on solar energy. This solar repellent for rats uses the solar energy to produce high frequency sound. It is installed with solar panels which absorb the solar energy from the sun. Since rats also breed in farm lands, this product is useful to stop mice breeding as well as stop mice population as these repellents are very effective to clear rats from the farm lands. The high frequency sound developed by this type of repellent produce distress in the ears of the rats and simply drives them. Thus this solar repellent for rats is very useful for getting rid of mice as well as to clear rats from the farm lands.

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