Thursday, January 28, 2010


Since the rats and mice are of great problems in the house it is very necessary to keep the rats and mice away from the house. The rats and mice easily get into the house through the small vents and holes of the house. Once these rodents get inside the house they make the environment totally dirty as well as make destruction. These rodents destroy the furniture and upholstery by tearing them off. The rats and mice also tear off the valuable clothes and fabrics kept inside the cupboards. These rodents tear off the wires and cables of the electrical and electronic appliances and make them totally idle. They get into the store rooms and destroy the sacks and bags filled with grains and cereals. The rats and mice get into the kitchen and develop diseases by creating infestations.

So it is very essential to drive away the rats and mice by adopting the DIY rat control methods. The DIY rat control methods help to clear rats as well as help to keep rats out of your house. This method helps in getting rid of mice and rats without using any sort of toxic and poisonous chemicals. It suggests the use of eco-friendly rat repellents and rat traps to clear rats as well as to keep rats out of your house. There are liquid rat repellents which come in spray bottles and emit the smell of cat’s body which is one of the ferocious predators of the rats. As a result the rats flee from the house. Thus these liquid rat repellents clear rats as well as keep rats out of your house. There are also eco-friendly sound repellents which emit high frequency sound and cause distress in the ears of the rats. These sound repellent for rats also clear rats and keep rats out of your house. The DIY rat control also promotes the method of keeping the house and surroundings clean. Thus for getting rid of mice and rats the food wastes must be disposed off in dust bins and completely burnt. In order to keep rats out of your house the drainage and sewage system should be kept clean and its outlets should be covered with steel nets. Thus these methods are useful for getting rid of mice and rats from house.

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