Thursday, December 24, 2009


The rat pesticides are basically the rodent control products which are used to kill the rats and mice which create a lot of damages and losses in the houses as well as the farm lands. These pesticides are basically the poisonous products. The rat pesticides can be used for both internal as well as outdoor purposes. There are different types of pesticides available in the market to kill the rats and mice. These rodent control poisonous products are available in liquid and solid forms. The rodent control pesticides are made from different types of poisonous and toxic chemicals which can kill all types of rats and mice within a short time. There are also highly toxic pesticides which can kill the rats instantly. The rat pesticides help a lot in order to stop mice breeding as well as stop mice population. Let us discuss about some of the pesticides for rats and their constituents.

One of the modern pesticides for rats is the rat pellets. These are the rodent control pesticides which do not require any sort of mixing with the food items. It basically requires to be kept as bait in the bait station. These rat pellets are tiny bags of pesticides. The other types of rat pesticides require mixing with food items so that it can be kept as rat baits in the bait stations. All types of rat pesticides basically consist of metal-phosphides, hypercalcemia and other chemical combinations. These constituents are mainly the anticoagulants agents which prevent the clotting of blood. These anticoagulant agents cause killing of blood cells inside the body and cause severe internal bleeding. As the clotting of blood is prevented the rats are killed instantly. These pesticides must be used with proper precautions because if the pesticides are not properly handled and taken in accidentally by humans and pet animals can cause instant death. Thus rat pesticides help to stop mice breeding as well as stop mice population.

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