Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The pest chaser refers to the electronic mouse repellents which are very much effective in repelling the rats and mice away from the houses and our surroundings. The pest chaser is one of the products of advanced science and technology. The pest chasers are basically the rodent repellent products. These mouse repellents are very compact in size and are available in different shapes and sizes and can be kept in rooms as one of the show pieces. The pest chasers are also available in different colours. These electronic products are also known as the sonic mouse repellents and emit high frequency high frequency electromagnetic waves to get rid of rats and mice from our houses and surroundings and are totally eco-friendly. These are one of the cleanest mouse repellents. There are models which can be used for internal use as well as outdoor use.

The pest chaser produces very high frequency ultrasonic waves which can be only heard by the rats and insects. These electronic rodent repellents produce high frequency sound which is about twenty thousand hertz and cannot be heard by the humans. These electronic rodent repellent products are harmless and do not require any sort of safety precautions ad are very simple to operate and install. The high frequency ultrasonic sound made by these rodent repellents creates a lot of distress in their ears and forces the rats and mice to leave the area and surroundings where this rodent repellent pest chaser has been installed. The pest chaser also requires the same precautions as required by the electronic rodent repellents. Before installing these electronic rodent repellents certain precautions have to be taken. In order to obtain the maximum efficiency from these kinds of rodent repellents, the pest chaser can be easily installed in each and every rooms of the house.

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