Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The organic rat repellents are those types of eco-friendly rat repellents which are made from the organic herbs and are totally clean from the toxic elements. These repellents do not require any sort of safety precautions as compared to the other types of rat repellents. This type of rat repellents for rats can be used in all atmospheres like in offices, houses, go-downs, hotels and restaurants. There are different manufacturers of organic repellents for rats. These organic repellents for rats are available in the smell of mint flavour and can be sprayed into any deep corners of the room. Thus these types of rat repellents produce a pleasant fragrance in the rooms wherever it has been sprayed. These repellents usually come in spray bottles which can be sprayed into deep corners of the rooms where the rats usually visit. Thus these spray bottles can be easily stored in any place. It naturally produces the smell the body of the cats. As a result the rats feel as if the cats are around them and leave the place as soon as possible. This smell of cat cannot be smelled by the human nose. A single spray of these repellents in each room can get rid of rats and mice away from the houses for at least three weeks. It does not cause any type of harm as well as allergies to human and pet animals. These repellents also do not cause any type of harm to rats and mice and can simply get rid of rats. Thus the use of organic rat repellents can help to get rid of rats and mice from the houses in an effective manner. The organic type repellents for rats are available at affordable prices in the market.

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