Friday, December 18, 2009


The rat traps are generally used as one of the rodent control products. These rodent control rat traps are basically used to trap the rats and mice and kill them slowly or instantly. These rodent control devices can be used in all places where there are lots of problems caused by rats and mice. These rodent control rat traps are basically constructed to stop mice breeding and to stop mice problems. These rat traps also help to stop mice population. It is not easier to catch mice and stop mice from making problems, so specific devices must be used to catch mice. These rat and mouse traps are made from metallic parts and require careful handling. These mouse traps require to be kept at far places away from the reach of children and pet animals. Apart from these types of rat traps, there also exist the electronic rat traps. Let us discuss about the electronic rat traps.

The electronic rat traps do not use any sort of toxic and poisonous pesticides to be mixed with baits. It is one of the eco-friendly products. This rodent control electronic trap which can be used to stop mice breeding as well as stop mice breeding consists of a zigzag tunnel, four AA batteries, a green indicator light and two metal plates. All these equipments are equipped in the cabin. The bait is placed inside the cabin and the smell produced by the bait attracts the rats to enter the tunnel. The bait is placed on the two metal plates. The metal plates are kept charged with the help of four AA batteries which are capable of killing up to fifty rats. This electronic rat traps can be easily installed in all places without the fear of kids and pet animals and do not cause any sort of pollution.

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