Friday, December 18, 2009


The rat repellents are basically used to repel the rats and mice away from the houses and surroundings. Most of these rat repellents are made by using harmful and toxic chemicals. But with advance in science and technology, eco­­-friendly mouse repellents are being manufactured which can totally keep out the rats and mice completely away from house. These eco-friendly rat repellents are manufactured by selecting the best natural organic herbs. These eco-friendly electronic mouse repellents also do not emit any harmful gases which can cause any sort of pollution in the environment. These rat repellents do not produce any sort of side effects to human beings and even the plants around the surroundings where these repellents are being used. These rat repellents do not cause any harm to the rats and mice and simply drive them away from the houses. Let us discuss about these eco-friendly rat repellents which can simply get rid of rats.

One of the best repellents to get rid of rats is the natural rat repellent spray. This spray is made from selected natural organic herbs and do not use any kind of chemicals. This spray comes in plastic spray bottle and can be sprayed into deep corners of the room. This product can be used easily in all offices, rooms and apartments effectively. It has the fragrance of mint which creates a pleasant fragrance when used in houses and offices. But on the other hand it also creates the smell of cat which cannot be smelled by rats. By creating the smell of cats, the rats feel that the cats are around them and leave the place as soon as possible but this cat smell cannot be smelled by humans. There are also other electronic eco-friendly repellents which emit high frequency sound to get rid of rats away from the house.

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