Friday, December 18, 2009


The DIY rat control refers to do it yourself to get rid of rats. This DIY control system helps to use the very simplest and effective methods to get rid of rats. The DIY rat control provides various simple techniques to get rid of rats. This control system also implements the use of different types of rats catching equipments. There are also other very simple methods which do not require the use of any repellents or equipments. The methods to get rid of rats can be utilised in all types of houses, buildings, offices and apartments and even go downs. Since the problems made by rats is to the maximum rate, as well as the population is also increasing it is essential to adopt the natural methods to get rid of rats rather than using toxic and harmful chemicals. Let us discuss some of the simpler methods to get rid of rats as specified by the DIY rat control method.

The DIY rat control method involves the use of eco-friendly rat repellent sprays which help to repel the rats from houses and also prevent them from getting into offices and rooms of the houses. This rat repellent spray is made from the selected natural organic herbs and does not use any kind of toxic or poisonous elements and is totally eco-friendly. It has the fragrance of mint which produces a pleasant smell when sprayed inside the rooms. This rat repellent basically produces the smell of cats which is one of the greatest predators of the rat. This spray is totally harmless to plants and animals. The single rat repellent spray of this rat repellent can keep the rats the rats away from houses for at least two to three weeks. Apart from these sprays the DIY rat control also promotes the use of electronic rat repellents which emit high frequency sound to repel the rats and mice.

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