Thursday, November 19, 2009


The rats and mice are of great disturbance in the house, offices and farm lands. The mice can easily destroy the wirings and cables of electronic and electrical devices. The mice can simply damage the crops and the yields and result to several losses. The rats usually live in houses where there will be plenty of food and water. They also live in farm lands as they will be able to get food items directly from the farmlands. They mostly prefer to live in house and apartments because in these places they will be safe from their predators. They rats also breed in these places. The existence of rats can lead to severe diseases so it is necessary to stop mice from entering into houses and also stop mice from breeding in houses and apartments. There are various equipments which can stop mice from breeding.
In order to stop mice from breeding in houses, it is necessary to catch mice and kill them initially. These devices are basically called the rat traps which include the snap-traps, glue-traps, live-catching traps. There are also pesticides which are used to kill the rats. The snap trap consists of a trigger rod on which the bait is inserted. As soon as the rat gets hold of the bait the trigger rod triggers the snap rod. Thus the snap rods immediately catch mice and kill it instantly. It can be used to kill one rat at a time. The glue traps are also used to catch mice in bulk. The glue is applied on the wooden platform and bait is kept at the centre of these platforms. Thus the mice get attracted towards and try to eat it and get attached to the glue. Thus the glue trap helps to catch mice. The live-catching tarps help to catch mice and do not kill them. The mice caught by this equipment require to be disposed to far off places away from the localities.

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