Thursday, November 19, 2009


The sound repellents are those repellents which produce high frequency sound to get rid of mice and other animals and insects. Here we are going to discuss about sound repellents which are basically used to get rid of mice and rats. The sound repellents are also known as the electronic mouse repellents which emit sound of high frequency to get rid of mice. This product is an example of latest technology. This type of repellent does not use any harmful pesticides and chemicals. The sound mouse repellents do not cause any sort of pollution by killing mice and simply get rid of mice from your house. These types of sound repellents are very easy to use and simple to install and require no safety precautions as required for the pesticides and rat catching equipments. It just requires to be plugged into plug-in sockets. These sound mouse repellents are very compact in size that they can be easily carried to other places.

The sound mouse repellents emit high frequency sound which is greater than twenty thousand hertz and cannot be heard by humans. This high frequency sound mouse repellent produces sound which can only be heard by rats and sometimes other insects. The sound mouse repellents are available in different models as per different frequency levels. The sound emitted by these repellents is of electromagnetic type. These sound mouse repellents require to be installed in rooms with minimum furniture and upholstery because the high frequency sound waves get absorbed by these elements. By controlling the frequency levels the intensity of the frequency emitted can be increased and the degree of prevention of mice can be improved and one could easily get rid of mice from their house. These electronic sound mouse repellents are available at affordable prices in the market.

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