Friday, November 20, 2009


Since the rats can cause lots of damage in the house, offices, restaurants and farm lands, it is very necessary to get rid of rats from these places. The rats can get into any corner of the rooms, offices and farm lands and can create the maximum damages. The rats usually prefer to live in houses and apartments because they get plenty of food and water from houses. The rats also get shelter in these places from there predators like cats, dogs, eagles, hawks and snakes. The rats simply destroy the wires and cables of electrical and electronic appliances. The rats can destroy all the yields from farm lands leading to several losses. The rat can lead to development of several harmful diseases. So it is necessary to get rid of rats. There are many solutions to get rid of rats. Let us discuss about some of the solutions to get rid of rats.
Some of the solutions include the use of mouse repellents which help to get rid of rats. These mouse repellents help to get rid of rats from houses and other apartments and keep them totally away from houses. One of these mouse repellents is the scram spray which is an eco friendly product. This mouse repellent is made from the natural organic herbs. This mouse repellent is not made from any harmful chemicals which can cause any sort of side effects on human body. This mouse repellent is also safe fro plants and animals. The scram is basically a spray which develops the smell of cat and drives the rat as soon as possible. On the other hand produces the fragrance of mint which makes the room fresh. This spray also does not cause any harm to rats. This scram spray is available at affordable prices in the market. There are also electronic sound repellents which emits high frequency sound which disrupts the ear of rats and simply helps to get rid of rats.

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