Sunday, November 22, 2009


Scram is the name of spray which is used to get rid of mice and rats away from houses and farmlands. It is totally free from harmful toxics and chemicals. The scram is one of the eco friendly rodent repellent sprays which are harmless to humans, animals and even plants. The scram rodent repellent is available in the flavour of mint and generates a good fragrance of mint when sprayed. As a result of which the scram rodent repellent can be used in offices, hotels, restaurants and houses where there are frequent disturbances caused by rats. It eliminates the use of harmful poisonous intoxicants and snap traps used to kill the rats and can get rid of mice from houses. This spray also eliminates the existence of diseases caused due to the rats. The scram also helps in maintaining the rooms of houses and rooms fresh with the smell of mint as well as dirt free created by rats.

Let us discuss about the reason for which the rats are afraid of scram spray. As compared to the poison and snap traps, the scram rodent repellent does not kill or hurts the rats. It simply has a smell which cannot be smelled by humans and this smell creates smell of the most fearful predator of the rat and makes the rats feel the presence of cats around them or in the surrounding. As a result of which scram sprays get rid of mice from that place at the same instant they inhale the smell of the scram. The smell of the scram is very effective and can keep the rats out for more than a month. By simply spraying the scram around all the corners of rooms, go downs, offices and apartments one can enjoy two advantages. One is the fragrance smell and the other is the rooms always free from rats and mice. The scram rodent repellent is available at affordable prices in the market as compared to other rat killing products.

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