Sunday, November 22, 2009


The rodents refer to the mammals which include rats, squirrels, moles etc. Here we are going to discuss about the rats. The rats are the naughtiest type of creatures which make many damages and nuisance in the house and surroundings. The rats can easily get into any corners of the houses, court yards and store rooms. The mice usually prefer to live in places from where they would be able to get sufficient amount of food, water and shelter. The rats also prefer the places where they will be safe from all kinds of predators like cats, eagles, dogs and snakes. So they usually prefer to stay in houses and store rooms. There are also different types and species of rodents. The existence of rodents like can create foul smell in the house and can even lead to generation of evil diseases. So it is essential to keep the rats out of your house.
In order to keep the rats out of your house, various rodent repellents are available. One of the best rodent repellents is the scram. The scram can keep the rats out of your house for two to three weeks. The scram rodent repellent is an eco friendly product. It is basically a spray which can be sprayed into each corners of the room. The scram is free from harmful constituents and toxic components. The scram is made from the natural organic herbs which does not cause any sort of side effects. This is more effective method to keep the rats out of your house as compared to other harmful rat killing equipments and repellents. The scram rodent repellent creates the smell of cat which is one of the most fearful predators of rats and makes the feeling as if the cats are around them or in the house and simply the rats run away for their lives.

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