Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The mouse traps are basically used as rodent control products. In places where there are lots of problems caused by rats, it is essential to use the rodent control methods. It is not easier to catch mice so specific devices must be used to catch mice. Most of the rodent control equipments are used to trap and kill rats and can lead to air pollution if not properly disposed. Almost all the mouse traps used to catch mice used very sophisticated metallic parts which needs ton be particularly handled. These rodent control mouse traps must be kept far away from the reach of pet animals and even kids and children. Some of these rat catching equipments are the snap traps, humane traps and electronic mouse traps. There also exists mouse traps which do not cause any sort of harm or kill the rats and these mouse traps are known as the live catching mouse traps. Let us discuss about these live catching mouse traps.

The live catching mouse traps are also used for rodent control purpose and to catch mice. It is basically a basket made from bamboo or metal. These mouse traps have a hole on its top and bait is kept inside the mouse trap. This bait attracts the rats and causes it to enter into the trap. After getting into it, the rats are unable to get out of these traps. The rats are caught alive and cause no sorts of harm. After the rats are being trapped, they can be caught and disposed to far off places away from the houses and localities but later they can be killed by their predators like cats, eagles, snakes etc. There are compact and large models of rodent control live catching mouse traps. All these mouse traps are available at affordable prices in the market.

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