Sunday, November 22, 2009


The humane traps refer to the simple methods to catch and kill the rats and mice. There are different humane traps to catch mice. These humane traps also play a major role in rodent control. The rats and mice usually get into places where they would be able to get sufficient amount of food and water. They also look for places where they would be safe from the predators like cats. So they usually like to live in houses, farmlands, go-downs. The humane traps include the snap traps, electronic traps, glue trap, live-catching mice traps.
The snap traps are basically the spring loaded rat traps used for rodent control which consists of rod on which the bait is kept and it works as a trigger to catch mice. When mice try to eat the bait, vibrations are made on the trigger rod and activate the snap rod which instantly catch mice and snap it instantly. The electronic rodent control rat trap consists of a sensor which senses the presence of mice and emits a high temperature laser ray which is immediately spotted on the rat and kills the rat or mice instantly. The glue traps are mainly placed on a wooden platform with glue paste pasted on the surface of the wooden platform. When bait which may include a cheese or bread is kept on the platform, the mice is attracted towards the bait and tries to eat the bait and it gets attached to the glue and thus catch mice and the mice die after a few days due to starvation. The live catching rodent control mice traps also help to catch mice but do not kill it. Thus the caught mice would have to be killed or disposed to far places away from home and localities.

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